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How Can Trex Decking Improve Your Deck Experience

May 22, 2016 Blog

Trex Decking It seems like every homeowner wants a beautiful deck to call their own, but traditional decks can be high maintenance. Without proper care, traditional wood decks–and even decks made of treated wood–can be short lived. This is...

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Here’s Why a Deck Repair is the Perfect Cure

May 18, 2016 Blog

Deck Repair North Vancouver Do you cringe every time that you look out the window and see your deck? Do you long for the days when you use to enjoy sitting on your deck overlooking the beauty of Vancouver?...

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How to make your deck building project stand out in Vancouver

February 3, 2016 Blog

Deck Building Vancouver Many people dream of owning a house with a deck. If you are planning a deck building project  you need to make sure you build the right kind of deck so that it can be used...

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Vinyl Deck Boring No More: Designer Vinyl Deck for Vancouver

October 11, 2015 Blog

Adding a vinyl deck to your Vancouver home can increase its value and enhance your living experience. A vinyl deck will provide you with an outdoor entertainment or relaxation area, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. It is...

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Advantages of Hardwood Decking

August 19, 2015 Blog

Over time, the Vancouver weather can have a negative impact on your wooden deck. Water causes wood to swell, and when it dries, the shrinkage can lead to the wood becoming uneven and dull. Older decks can quickly become...

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Glass Awnings

June 15, 2015 Blog

A Beautiful Upgrade That Will Reduce Glare and Heat, Perfect for Year-round Use Many people find that after the have invested into a deck that they do not enjoy it as much as they first desired. However, it is...

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Devastating Damage from Leaking Deck

May 19, 2015 Blog

Many homeowners enjoy using their decks for everything from entertaining to relaxing on their own. A deck provides you with a wonderful outdoor living space that makes it convenient for you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and many...

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Investing in New Exterior Stairs

April 9, 2015 Blog

With many homes across the Vancouver area, homeowners regularly enjoy spending time on an outdoor deck. Some homes are constructed on a very flat parcel of land, and the deck may be installed just inches above the ground. With...

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3 Tips for Your Deck Renovation in Vancouver

March 5, 2015 Blog

Deck Renovation You may not realize it, but with a deck renovation can provide you with a wonderful space that can be used for relaxing, hosting backyard barbecues with friends and more. The unfortunate truth is that many homeowners...

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Deck Transformation

February 26, 2015 Blog

Some homeowners have a truly stunning and enviable backyard deck space. It may be in great condition, have gorgeous features and be furnished beautifully for comfort and style alike. When you look at your sundeck, however, you may be...

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New Deck Construction in Vancouver

February 19, 2015 Blog

Deck Construction The deck construction on your Vancouver area home can help you to benefit from enhanced enjoyment and functional use of your outdoor space. With a closer look at what you can expect from the team at Arbutus...

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Vinyl Deck: Why You’ll Want to Consider This Tough, Good Looking Finish for Your Deck

February 12, 2015 Blog

Vinyl Deck When you install a deck on your property, you have the option to install a wood deck or a vinyl deck. Some homeowners want to use wood because it is a traditional material, but a vinyl deck...

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Understanding Vinyl Decking Details

February 5, 2015 Blog

Vinyl Decking Details If you have decided to install a new vinyl deck on your property, its important to pay attention to the vinyl decking details. This is a popular material to use for decks because of its incredible...

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Rain Wearing out Your Deck? 5 Reasons Why Waterproof Vinyl Decking is the Ultimate Vancouver Upgrade

January 29, 2015 Blog

Waterproof Vinyl Decking Many homeowners in Vancouver may enjoy the sounds and ambiance of a light rain shower from time to time, but if you are like other homeowners who have a deck, you may also worry about the...

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Deck Construction in Vancouver

January 21, 2015 Blog

Vancouver home owners know that not every upgrade or addition they make to their home adds value. Some upgrades are done for convenience or personal taste, while others are just necessary, such as replacing the roof on their home....

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