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Paving Stones for Decks: How They Can Transform Your Wood or Vinyl Deck

November 8, 2014 Blog

Paving stones for decks in Vancouver are quickly becoming a major design trend. The benefits are not only aesthetic, but also practical. While wood is a great choice for decks that lie a fair distance from the ground, rain...

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Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Deck Builder

October 27, 2014 Blog

If you’re planning a repair or an installation, there are some important questions you should be asking your North Vancouver deck builder. Your home is an essential asset and investment, so before you go about improving it, be sure...

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Leaking Roof Deck

October 9, 2014 Blog

When you live in a coastal city like Vancouver, you want to be outside as much as possible on the clear days. Having a roof deck on your home allows you to still be outside while keeping all the...

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Can You Use Wood Decking in Vancouver?

August 22, 2014 Blog

Yes – and Here’s Why It’s a Superb Choice Many homeowners planning on enjoying their wood decks in Vancouver may be wary about the building material due to the moist climate we enjoy. The fact is that wood decking...

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Topless Glass Railings in West Vancouver

July 28, 2014 Blog

Owning a home in West Vancouver is likely one of your greatest achievements. With so much beauty and nature surrounding your home, you should certainly make it a habit to enjoy the views, especially when the weather starts to...

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose to Build With Vinyl Decking in North Vancouver

June 19, 2014 Blog

When it comes to choosing the right building material for your deck, it’s best to start by examining how you plan to use that deck. As well, look at how exposed your deck is to the elements like the...

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Upgrade to the Best Deck and Railings in West Vancouver

May 1, 2014 Blog

Deck and Railings Some people say that the best part about living in Vancouver is the view. But what residents are really appreciating right now is the fact that summer is already on its way, which means that patio...

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Deck Construction in Burnaby: What You Need to Know Before You Begin

April 4, 2014 Blog

Are you considering a new deck construction in Burnaby? Decks are popular in the Vancouver area, and they’re a great place to socialize with friends in the summer months. If you’re considering a new Burnaby deck construction, there are...

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Vinyl Decking Is an Excellent Choice for Your North Vancouver Home

March 18, 2014 Blog

Vinyl Decking: When deciding what type of deck to install at your North Vancouver home, you have many options to consider. Though this can be a tough choice for many, vinyl decks tend to be a common choice, and...

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Wood Decking in Vancouver

March 6, 2014 Blog

If you’re building a deck in Vancouver and want to have the decking entirely out of wood decking, there are several options for you to consider that can help you make informed choices when it comes to specifically what...

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Is Vinyl Decking the Perfect Solution for Protecting Your Deck?

January 24, 2014 Blog

If you’re installing a deck in the Vancouver area, it helps to know about various materials that can be used in decking and their associated properties. The Lower Mainland gets significant rainfall every year, which means outdoor decks can...

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Three Reasons to Consider Repairing Instead of Replacing Your Deck

January 22, 2014 Blog

If you’ve noticed signs of aging on your  deck, you might be holding off on deck repair or replacement because you’re worried about the time or financial cost. Deck replacement isn’t always necessary, and sometimes deck repair is a...

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Six Signs for Deck Restoration

December 2, 2013 Blog

2013 is coming to a close, and that means winter is here. Although you’re probably not going to be using your deck very much this winter, it’s good to pay attention to it to ensure that everything is copacetic....

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Aluminum Railings Add Safety and Style to your Deck

November 16, 2013 Blog

When it comes to deck railings, there are several options available – which can make it difficult to choose wisely. Your deck should be both safe and stylish, which is why you should choose aluminum railings as the solution....

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Seven Surefire Signs a deck repair is needed

October 25, 2013 Blog

Deck Repair While you may not want to think about spending the money, it’s estimated that of the nearly 100 million Americans that have a porch or deck, there are approximately 20 million decks that require repair. If you’re...

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