Cedar Decking, Coquitlam

Clear cedar decking
Cedar decking Before
Cedar Deck After

Cedar Decking

The old decking was a built with standard fir 2x4's, they had started to rot and split. We were called in to transform this deck using clear red cedar. The first thing we did was remove all of the old decking and upgrade the existing framing. While we were doing this the cedar was sent to our staining company and had to coats of Sikkens Cetol applied. This way the cedar decking has the stain applied on all four sides, this will make the stain last longer by not allowing the moisture to be driven from the underside of the deck boards up through the finished top coat. So many times I see people apply the stain/oil finish to the top of the deck boards only and then they complain that they have to re finish the deck every year. Save yourself that work and always have the cedar decking pre-stained on all four sides prior to installing the cedar deck boards.  

Building the New Stairs

Stairs Before
Cedar Stairs After
  The existing stairs definetly did no longer suit the beautiful new deck we had built, so we totally removed the old stairs and built new ones. For the stringers (framing) of the stairs we used three 2x12 pressure treated lumber to give the stairs a strong support. Then the same cedar wood that was used for the deck we used for the treads of the stairs. The finishing touch was using pre-painted combed spruce for the outside of the stairs and the risers. This really makes the stairs POP. The final step is to add the aluminum railings and a glass canopy, with the cedar deck almost finished the owners are looking forward to enjoying many get together's on their beautiful cedar deck.  

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