Deck Coverings

Deck Coverings

Deck Coverings for all styles

One of the most exciting things is opening the options for customers that require a waterproof deck but desire a cedar deck or even special pavers from slate to granite. At Arbutus Sundecks we open the door to a full selection of Deck Coverings the only limitations are your imagination. We can even help with that with over 3000 decks built by us we have done it all and can come up with some amazing options. This way your deck covering is tailored to your own style and needs.


Deck Coverings

Pavers for Deck Coverings

Pavers as deck coverings

A classic deck covering is a extremely durable decorative concrete paver or a natural stone paver. At Arbutus Sundecks we have done many waterproof decks with incorporating a natural stone deck covering. We install a Tuf Sheild 60 mil vinyl membrane first then use special pedestal pads to elevate the paver you choose. This allows water to flow through the joints between the pavers and the waterproof decking  then directs the water to either some drains or off the front edge into a gutter. The initial cost of these pavers is high but they last a lifetime with minimal fading and discoloration. With being a concrete or stone product these deck coverings can be pressure washed at an extremely high pressure making your spring cleaning a breeze

Cedar Deck Coverings

Nothing is as classic west coast as a beautiful cedar deck. The problem was that when you need the deck to be waterproof you typically weren’t able to have a cedar deck. That is a problem of the past by using Tuff-shield combined with pressure treated sleepers to elevate the decking. Now you can have it all. A beautiful Cedar deck in a wide variety of different stains and a waterproof surface. A added bonus is that by covering the vinyl decking with the cedar UV rays are limited. This adds years of life to the waterproofing.

Cedar deck coverings