Paving Stones

Paving Stones

In Vancouver paving stones are a great way to finish off your deck, they are extremely durable and you have hundreds of choices of colours and textures. When doing a paving   stone deck there are a few very important details to consider. The first and foremost is the extra weight that the paving stones add to the deck framing. The framing package has to be inspected and then depending on the stone that you choose we add that to the equation. In some circumstances we have to do a framing upgrade by either adding additional joists and beams, but every deck is different and we treat them as such.

Waterproofing the DeckDeck Waterproofing

After the framing has been approved for the weight of the paving stones the deck has to be waterproofed. A vinyl roofing membrane is used to ensure that the deck is fully waterproofed. It is a 60 mil membrane that is fully reinforced with a polyester scrim and meets all of the BC building code requirements. All of the standard roofing procedures need to be followed, such as installing the waterproof membrane a minimum of 6" behind the finished siding of the building. We also have to ensure that the deck has proper slope so that the water can properly drain off the deck. Once this has been done the deck is ready for the paving stones to be installed.  

Installing Paving StonesPaving Stones Installation

At this point the deck is ready for the paving stones. a combination of 1/2" neoprene pads and adjustable pedestal pads are used underneath the pedestal paving stones to adjust the stones so that they are level across the whole deck. When we plan for the layout of the paving stones the same principle that are used for tiling a floor are used here. This ensures that the deck doesn't have any small sliver pieces at the edges.