Wood Decks

Wood Decks

There are a wide variety of wood decking materials to choose from.  A careful balance of  aesthetics, durability, level of maintenance and budget needs to be carefully considered before choosing the wood decking you want to use on your new deck. The most common types of wood decks used in Vancouver are pressure treated decking, cedar decking, and hardwood decking.

Pressure Treated DeckingPressure Treated Decking

This is one of the most economical choice for wood decks, it comes in typically 2 sizes 5/4″x 4″ and 5/4″x 6″. The edges are rounded which give it a finished appearance  When using a pressure treated decking it is important that the proper fasteners are used due to the corrosive nature of the chemicals that are used to make the wood resistant to rot and insects.





 Cedar Decking


This type of decking is a very popular choice it does require a bit more maintenance. There are three different sizes that are typically used, 5/4″x 4″, 5/4″x 6″ and 2’x 4″. Cedar decking also comes in two different grades they are  tight knot and clear. Before installing a cedar deck it is typically stained, there is a wide variety of colours and brands to choose from.




Hardwood DeckingHardwood Decking

This is one of the most expensive type of wood decks, one of the huge benefits is that the wood is extremely tough and easy to maintain. There are many different species that offer different looks. For maintaining the beautiful appearance all that is required is a light application of a good quality wood oil every two to three years.


Wood Decks LayoutPressure treated decking layout

There are three typical layouts to choose from when deciding the design the size of the deck needs to be considered. Quite often a simple mock-up will make the choice much easier. Sometimes a very simple layout with a inlay pattern can really show off the decks natural beauty, consider using a different type of wood for the inlay to make a stunning design.