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Leaky Deck Contractor Vancouver, Quick Deck Repair Services

01/02/2016 Blog
Leaky Decks



Are you living in Vancouver and have experienced a leaky deck?  You are not alone.  Most people in Vancouver think that deck repairs can only be done in spring or summer, but what happens if you get a watermark in the ceiling?  This is what happens to most people, they panic. For us at Arbutus Sundecks, it is just another leaky deck day.  Our experienced technicians will assess and detect the leak.  Usually, in the winter time, if it is not a quick fix. We have to tarp the leaky deck and continue work under cover. This is what happened to, Ray,  one of our customers, last week.  The initial phone call was received by Kiersten at our office.  After reassuring Ray that he has called the right place, she set up an appointment for the very same day.  Later that day, Magnus arrived at Ray’s house and assisted the situation. After receiving the quote, the next day, he agreed to start the leaky deck project as soon as possible.  One of our top installers arrived two days later to start the job.  On this specific project, we tarped in the leaky deck, removed the damaged plywood and re-sloped the deck to the PVC coated drain.

Starting the Leaky Deck

Ray picked a vinyl membrane from Dek Smart which was installed the following day.  To seal the vinyl to the stucco we used a reglet detail.  In order to do a reglet detail, the installer cuts a 1/2 inch into the existing stucco and inserts the flashing into the cut. Last but not least, let’s talk about the door.  The door which was installed last year was the cause of the leak.  It was not sealed properly behind the flange, which was caused by water ingress.  This was corrected once the vinyl membrane was installed.  Ray is now able to enjoy his beautiful deck — worry free.

leaky deck reglet detail

reglet flashing




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