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Aluminum Canopy with Glass Inserts

Aluminum Canopies Let the Sun Shine In

Having the optimal sundeck for your Vancouver, BC. home is your end goal as you want to have the great outdoor space where you can have fun with the family and entertain guests. Yet you and your spouse can’t agree on one thing: the sundeck canopy. You want to have a bright space where you can read without having to place lights in the space. Your spouse wants to have a sundeck cover over the outdoor kitchen so they can still cook even if there is a brief rain shower overhead. Come to an agreeable compromise by getting aluminum canopies built with glass skylights.

Arbutus Sundecks High Quality and Durable Aluminum Canopies with Glass Inserts

Every homeowner is different with unique preferences for their sundecks. Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we want to provide the right aluminum canopies that can please every homeowner throughout Vancouver, BC. and the lower mainland. For this reason, we not only provide sundeck canopies with aluminum covers, we also provide glass skylights. The sundeck canopy will be constructed using durable and long-lasting aluminum beams and posts. Then we can add either clear glass or tinted glass inserts as you will have beautiful skylights that will allow more light into the shaded space.

Aluminum Canopies Designed Specifically for Your Outdoor Space

You may only want one or two skylights for your sundeck canopy to have extra light to read or sunbathe, or you might want tons of sunlight on your deck space so your outdoor potted plants can thrive. The professionals at Arbutus Sundecks can create different designs for your aluminum canopies so you have the right number of skylights to suit your design tastes. Our main focus is to give you the sundeck canopy that will look great with your home while offering the best waterproof properties as it will prevent rain from dripping onto your sundeck. With our quality craftsmanship, you will have the canopy that withstands the Vancouver weather and will last for years.

Get an Assessment So We Can Provide You with Optimal Aluminum Canopies

Need help to decide on the best design for your sundeck canopy? Let Arbutus Sundecks help you by providing abundant options as we can make your design ideas become a reality. We help homeowners throughout the Vancouver, BC. and lower mainland design the right aluminum canopies with glass skylights so they have the right amount of shade and sunlight. Call us today so we can give you an assessment. Then we can begin placing on your new canopy as we strive to work within your timeline and your budget.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your outdoor space, listening to the spouse cooking meals, as you sit back in the shade of your sundeck and look up at the beautiful blue skies through the glass skylights on your canopy. Thanks to Arbutus Sundecks, you can have the covered sundeck you always wanted.

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