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Designer Birch Plank Vinyl Decking a Perfect Material for Vinyl Deck Flooring

Designer Birch Plank Vinyl Deck Flooring Offering a Rich Wood Appearance

There is just something about placing wood flooring into a deck space that really appeals to a lot of people. The natural look, warmth and feel of wood makes it a great product. Unfortunately, wood has the habit of experiencing rot, staining, fading, cracking or peeling caused by the weather and wear-and-tear. Instead, have the look of real wood without the maintenance headaches with Designer Birch Plank vinyl deck flooring offered by Tufdek and installed by Arbutus Sundecks.

Designer Birch Plank vinyl has the appearance of birch wood on top of a vinyl surface. It features a dark, rich color as well as wood grain features and seams imprinted into the vinyl materials using proprietary Aqueous based inks. You can match your deck to existing wooden structures in your outdoor space such as garden sheds, arbors, trellises, pergolas, or benches. Since it has the appearance of birch wood, any colour scheme will work well with this vinyl deck flooring as you can select warm shades, neutral tones, cool hues or bright exotic colors.

Designer Birch Plank Vinyl Deck Flooring Built to Last

An important feature to consider when selecting deck material is that you want a durable and strong product where the colours will last after the first year of changing weather without becoming damaged. Designer Birch Plank vinyl created by Tufdek has a revolutionary polycarbonate placed as a top finish to the strong vinyl product. This process adds an extra touch of protection to the surface so the birch plank appearance cannot be damaged by rain, hail, ice, snow, sun or long periods of heavy foot traffic. It will maintain its beauty and continue to last for many years.

In time, regular wooden decks can become dull and faded as they need to be sanded, stained or painted. You can easily maintain the gorgeous appearance of your outdoor structure with Designer Birch Plank vinyl. Simply sweep and mop the surface to return it to its former lustre as the colors will remain vibrant and beautiful.

Get Professional Vinyl Deck Flooring Installation from Arbutus Sundecks

Get the look and feel of wood for your deck without the extra maintenance and costs. Designer Birch Plank Vinyl from Tufdek will give you the smooth and clean surface that mimics the appearance of birch wood. You can have the wooden deck of your dreams that is made from resilient and durable vinyl materials.

Contact Arbutus Sundecks to discuss the types of Tufdek products that are available. Along with Designer Birch Plank vinyl, we can also install the other 13 colours and designs of vinyl decking that will look great as your deck or patio. Then you can enjoy your outdoor space and relax while looking at the scenic Vancouver, BC views.


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