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Hardwood Decking

There are many types of Hardwood Decking available nowadays, there is IPE, Tigerwood, Batu and Cumaru to name a few. Hardwood decks have to be one of the most beautiful materials available. The initial cost is higher than your typical cedar deck but when you consider that the lifespan is over 25 years and the only maintenance is oiling the deck once a year the benefits become apparent. The decking is typically 5/4″x6″ deck boards and we install them with a hidden screw system.

IPE Decking (pronounced ee-pay)

This Hardwood Decking has an  extremely rich look to it and is definitely one of the top choices for clients that want a hardwood deck. The characteristics of IPE make it a perfect match for Vancouver’s climate. It is naturally resistant to rot and insects so all that is needed to preserve its rich colouring is to oil it once a year. Ipe is one of the most dense woods available for decking so it will stand up very well to heavy traffic and deck chairs being dragged across it as a matter of fact it is sometimes referred to as iron wood. Due to this quality it is a fairly expensive decking material to install due to the extra labour involved in cutting and fastening it to the deck framing.

IPE Decking

Janka Hardness LBS: 3680


Tiger Wood

Tiger Wood is one of the softer of the Harwood Decking. That being said it is still 6x harder than Red Cedar so it will definetly handle the abuse that a deck gets. It has a variety of colouring and gives the deck a very unique “tiger stripe” look. With the variety of colouring any small scratches are not easily noticed. It’s low maintenance and has a natural resistance to insects, decay and rot with a bonus of incredible beauty. This Hardwood Decking is available with a slot milled into the edge so that it is easy to install the hidden fastening system. This is a huge bonus because it cuts down on the labour cost and makes it one of the more affordable Hardwood Decking options.

Tiger Wood

Janka Hardness LBS: 2160


Batu Decking

Batu Decking comes from Asia and there are over 200 different species, all having a different look, the most popular are either Red Balua or Membatu. The wood is best described as having a tight grain with a medium to deep red colour. These woods are coming from areas that are the leaders in ecological and sustained forestry practices, so the pricing is starting to become very competitive making them increasingly popular. Like the other hardwoods they are very resistant to rot and insects and only require yearly oiling.

Batu Decking

Janka Hardness LBS: 1600-2200 (depending on species)

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru Decking has a very fine grain and a beautiful light colouring. Its about the same density of Ipe decking and is a very durable wood. It is naturally resistant to insects and rot, with this type of wood you can oil it once a year to maintain the patina or leave it natural. If left un-oiled it will slowly turn a beautiful silver colour. For Hardwood Decking the labour cost is a substantial part of the costs, we mill our own slots in this hardwood decking for using the hidden screw system.

Cumaru Decking

Janka Hardness LBS: 3500


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