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Hardwood Deck Tiles for Deck Coverings

Hardwood Deck Tile

A extremely high end look is incorporated by using Hardwood deck tiles, they are 40″ square tiles. This is definitely a large format hardwood tile. At Arbutus Sundecks we have done many waterproof decks with incorporating a natural hardwood tile covering. We install a Tuf Sheild 60 mil vinyl membrane first then use special pedestal pads to elevate the tile you choose. This allows water to flow through the joints between the pavers and the waterproof decking  then directs the water to either some drains or off the front edge into a gutter. The initial cost of these pavers is moderate but they last a lifetime with the occasional oiling. With being a hardwood  product these deck coverings can be pressure washed at an moderately high pressure making your spring cleaning a breeze.

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